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UX/UI design is the process of creating interactive, user-friendly interfaces. A great career option for creative people who like to solve user problems and create something new, combining logic and aesthetics.


We don't suggest you buy
a course, try mentoring instead


What is the work schedule for mentoring?

There is no strict schedule. We work in your mode, but if tasks are completed for a long time, of course, we remind you that you need to speed up

Is this format suitable for me if I am a beginner?

Of course, this is like individual training, where personal advice will be given to you, and your work will be checked by an experienced designer. If you come to learn the profession of a designer from scratch, you should understand that mentorship will definitely take more than 1 month

How long does a mentorship last?

The duration of mentoring will depend on you, we start from 1 month and if you running out of time to complete the project you can extend

Do you help with employment?

No course or personal mentoring is a magic pill. Many companies promise big earnings immediately after completing the course, which is most often a scam. Everything depends on you. How focused are you on the result and can you search for the information you need. We do not give guarantees to our students that after training they will get a job in a cool company or clients with a high check will immediately come to them. We give them support throughout the training, knowledge that they need at a certain level, advice on further development and, of course, detailed feedback on cases

How is the mentoring process going?

We choose a project and work on it. Upon completion, we draw up a case on Behance

What can I learn from mentoring?

During mentoring, you will learn the basics of UX / UI and how to design portfolio cases


As a result of our cooperation, you will receive a finished project in your portfolio, we will go through all the stages that you will go through with the client, and of course your mentor (our designer) will answer all your questions and will promptly give feedback on your project

Don't miss the opportunity

500 $ 299 $ 1 month
of mentorship

1 month of mentorship
with up to 50% discount

  • Exclusive individual training
  • Feedback from an experienced designer
  • Chips and Tips
  • Answers to all questions