Frontend Development

Building server-rendered SPA apps based on Next.js, Angular and Vue.js React frameworks. We integrate applications into the backend part using the RESTful API. Optimizing Webpack with pre- and post-processing of CSS and JS.

Backend Development

We perform architectural backend development using modern and secure technologies and frameworks. We use our own component base for various industry areas - real estate, banks and integration with CRM. We use microservice architecture for flexible scaling of web applications.

QA - Research

We control the quality of products at all stages of development and implementation. We cover the code with tests, conduct functional and acceptance testing. We use both manual and automated approaches. We analyze the behavior of highload services by identifying problem areas through load testing and the use of special services.


Implement complex integrations with external services in public and private network environments. Two-way exchange of information with acquiring systems, specific banking services, CRM and data buses using various protocols - HTTP, MQTT or SMTP and technologies - RESTful API, SOAP, XML, Message Brokers.


We are certified partners of 1C‑Bitrix. We are developing e‑commerce services and corporate portals based on CMS 1C‑Bitrix.